Golden Dawn

V4 joins the gang

We started in the camp where Malachai shows Larissa round the camp. Larissa does her best to get more information from Malachai but all she really discovers is that nobody else from this camp knows who she or the others are and that the only people who knew about what happened to them were Edward Roper, Emmeline and Malachai and they don’t know much either. They finish up at headquarters/ ropers house/ war room to find Emmaline. She hands Larissa the diary that Roper had since they left Scotland that plots (when it can be read) the whole last four years.
While Larissa attempts to read this we find Pamela, who is having a dream where Edward imparts the same message everyone else had and waking to find herself in a cave. She is on a hospital gurney. She sees the blurry outline of a person by the fire and calls out to them…. thus begins the fumbling friendship between Sue Lynn and Pamela. Once Pam has her glasses on she sees that the cave has been there home and Sue Lynn (an American ex-cop turned security detail turned guardian for Pam) has been looking after her for four years. They prepare themselves and leave to trek to the main camp. Sue Lynn, overwhelmed with guilt and warm feelings for her ward, not to mention her isolation for so long is terrible at filling Pamela in and Pamela is left more confused and frustrated than ever.
Back at camp Larissa meets Delilah and Buttercup for the first time and they decide to go and find V4/ investigate. On going back to the house Larissa discovers that the brutish guy she woke up with has gone and Lord Gowersby is probably more confused than ever seeing as the only reading materials Matt could get him were a Take a Break magazine, a Radio and TV times from January 2016, The full Twilight saga, an Ipad, Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh, Rough Guide to London in Italian and the Quran.
Back with Pamela and, in trying to neatly dispatch a mutant rat Sue Lynn just manages to alert it to their whereabouts and a fight breaks out. Pam is instantly badly injured. Likely Delilah, Larissa, Bast and Buttercup are close by and between the four of them they kill it – Larissa giving the final shot, point blank, between the eyes.
They hobble back to camp narrowly missing another run in and get treated by Emmaline. Over drinks that night Pamela discovers that she is infamous. That Crowley covered his tracks with her by leaving bloodshed and kidnapping in their wake and blaming it on her. Pamela is heartbroken but keeps it under wraps. Larissa goes to bed, Pamela falls asleep reading Twilight and Lord Gowersby gets drunk on Moonshine and passes out on the couch.
The next day they make a plan to go to London to find out more about the Golden Dawn and the ritual they were a part of. They will take a few days to pick up the essentials of firearms, riding motorbikes/ horses and getting supplies – not to mention Jules is making Larissa something to wear.


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